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While we do have a soundproof studio and an isolation booth, we are also a mobile recording studio, ready to record your band's first gig, last gig, or any time you get the band back together.  Rent out the studio space for your next practice or jam session. Record the vocals you need for your next project! An experienced and professional audio engineer and producer is on location to help you achieve your goals!

We work with venues to provide professional sound reinforcement and recording, so that your show can be celebrated forever.


We are ready to record your band, podcasts, advertisement, radio spot, spoken word, audiobook, recital, acapella group, and more. 

We also offer in-studio recording with quality gear, full soundproof studio, and a custom built isolation booth.

Record your voice for your children to listen to forever, send a distant loved one a recording of your child's first piano recital, or maybe you just want to remember that night grandma sang karaoke....


Mix your first demo tape to really grab the public's attention!  We'll help your project come alive, sound clean, balanced, and professional while showcasing your unique talents.

Master your mix to add the final polish on your masterpiece.  We will give your mix the final attention it needs to be heard around the world!

We also edit, tune vocals, mix and record overdubs,  and more.  Have an idea for a song? Have some great lyrics? Need session musicians? Lets work together to make your dream a reality!

Let us help your podcast or audio project grab the listener's attention with professional sound and engaging audio.


We are classically trained musicians ready to provide original, creative, and engaging compositions for you.

We compose unique jingles, radio bumps, theme songs, intro music, backing tracks, sound effects, voiceovers, music for podcasts, advertising and other instrumental or thematic music.


Share your story with us, and we will craft you a professionally recorded and produced composition that fits your project's needs and grabs the listener's ear.

Maybe you'll find the perfect instrumental to compliment your vocals in our catalogue of hundreds of original compositions available to you!

Interested in working with us for your project?   Contact Us or Submit a Quote Request!
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