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Well I just looked at the clock. 4:44am. Somehow between now and about 5 hours a website has somehow began to take shape. I'm shocked by the cacophony of summer birds after removing my noise cancelling headphones. Noise cancelling headphones are pretty cool. Want to know how they work? I am getting off track here...

I wasn't planning on doing this tonight. I really just wanted to relax after picking my sister up from the airport and getting ready to spend a lot of the weekend with my visiting brother, sisters, and nephew. But I want to enjoy that time. So I became a bit determined to build this thing as quickly as this brain and these fingers will let me. I've done a lot of work today. I got another client today! But I guess this is owning a business. I am my own boss, but I am also the only worker I need to boss around. So here I am, at the point in my site's creation where I am adding a little blog about my business, and I decided I needed a little break. But that break turned into writing this first post.

My passion for music is real. My passion for audio is real. My belief in the power of creativity and experimentation is real. The grind for this business is real. My failing eyelids are real.

I am going to try to post periodic updates on how this professional adventure is planted and blooms. Thanks for joining me on this blastoff into the sound waves of our universe.

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