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Equipment Rentals

We now offer audio equipment rentals, including microphones, PA speakers, subwoofers, mixers, and more!  Free delivery and pickup!  No contact delivery, setup, and pickup available

Small PA Package:

Yamaha Stagepass 500 PA/Mixer, Shure SM58 Microphone, 25' XLR cable, stereo to 3.5mm headphone cable

$75 a Day, $150 5 Days

Party PA Package:

2 12" Powered monitors and stands, 2 Shure SM58 Microphones and stands, Behringer 16 channel mixer, stereo to 3.5mm headphone cable, and XLR cables

$110 a Day, $180 5 Days

Large PA Package:

2 Electrovoice 18" Subwoofers, 2 x 12" Speakers, Speaker Poles or Stands, XLR Cables, 2 Shure SM58 Microphones and stands, 16 channel mixer

Inquire for Pricing


Chauvet DJ GigBAR 4 in 1 LED Lighting System with remote

$100 a Day, $200 5 Days


Bass Guitar, Practice Amp, Instrument Cable

$25 a Month

Electric Guitar, Practice Amp, Instrument Cable

$25 a Month

Active/Powered Speakers:

12" Kustom Wedge Monitors (100W)

$40 a Day, $100 5 Days

12" PA Speakers/Monitors (Mackie. Electrovoice, or JBL 1000-1200W)

$50 a Day, $125 5 Days

Active/Powered Subwoofer (1200W)

$75 a Day, $250 5 Days


Shure SM58 or SM57

$30 a Day, $80 5 Days

Shure Wireless Transmitter/Microphone

$40 a Day, $90 5 Day

Sennheiser Wireless EW100 and Microphone or Headset

$30 a Day, $75 5 Days

Other Microphones, including Drum Mics, Large/Small Diaphragm Condensers, and more.  Please inquire for pricing


32" LED TV with Mount and Stand

$40 a Day, $100 for 5 Days

Free 20 Mile Delivery, Setup, and Pickup!

We follow CDC guidelines and can arrange no contact rentals.

All Rentals Pending Availability

Prices Subject to Change

Credit Card and Signed Rental Agreement Required

Call (414) 253-2534, email us, or fill out the equipment contact form below! 

Equipment Contact Form

Thanks for your interest!

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