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Official Spotify Playlist


- NEW ALBUM, Magnets, from Electronauts,  OUT NOW
ALBUM    Good Luck (Welcome To Hell)

- NEW Smaz album, Landscapes, Out Now!

- Electro's Graveyard Vol. 3 streaming everywhere NOW!

- NEW music from Louie Jenga almost weekly!
- EP from NEW
Electronauts Records band The Cosmic Cadence Collective (Electro, Yoshe, and Sever) coming soon!!! First Single is ready!

- NEW music from ArcadeVolt, Smoking Kills, out 1/25/2024!

- NEW collaborations with Yoshemitzu, Sever, Louie J, and MC Podunk on the way!

- New artists being added constantly!

Electronaut Records was established in 2020 as a vehicle to bring together musicians, producers, artists, vocalists, engineers, and other creatives during a very difficult time for the world.  The Label's sole purpose is to help each other create, improve, release, and promote new music from artists and producers around the world.  We are an inclusive community that supports all musical genres, and we aim to release an eclectic mix of music from talent around the world.  We also work to connect musical artists with visual artists and create entirely new forms entertainment.

We are currently seeking talent and already have a few up and coming producers on the roster. All genres welcome! We are here to collaborate, give you feedback on your mix, or make something entirely new together!
Help support our artists by becoming a Patreon now!

If you are interested in joining the team or have more questions, please contact , join our community Discord server, or submit your demos for our monthly releases.  Our main goal is to get your music our there for all to enjoy!

Be sure to check out our Official Roster!

If you want to be a Electronauts Records artist, let us know!

Check out our Spotify Playlist and other releases, available on every streaming platform.

Most music streaming everywhere, but some is available for purchase at Bandcamp:
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